Saturday, May 23, 2015

Something different...

It's been a while for a new post of actual content, but I recently found myself taking part in an overwhelmingly positive and interesting community at /r/dogecoin -- having been interested in Bitcoin at its conception, yet lacking the early-action and technology to properly mine, the Doges have been taking cryptocurrency in an entirely different manner. As of yet, they managed to get the Jamaican Bobsled team back competitively, and sponsored a NASCAR racer, all through charity and tipping their coins.

Naturally, this odd and growing resume of a community grabbed my attention, and found an initiative that bolsters the value and demand of these digital coins. As such, I will be making a file containing my published work (seen in a live environment here) and only asking for tips in dogecoin through the image / address below. If you cannot tip (or don't want to...) then I only ask you enjoy the stories. Otherwise, I would love to hear your opinions, kind Shibes. Their content ranges from the end of the world, to a seemingly "different" statue of a little boy, and everything in between.

To the moon!

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