We have mapped the entire world. We will not live long enough to see space freely and have no uncharted vistas to claim here below. So, we shall reclaim and explore the places that we have already forgotten, for we were born before the stars, but too long after the sails. These are my travels and my wonderful companions.
I am Jeffrey Koval Jr. and this site is a small collection of my writing, most notably about my adventures travelling and urban exploring. I have taken liberties to adequately shroud the exact location of these properties (and the identities of those traveling with me) to dissuade any potential vandalism, but if you feel that I have failed to keep these places safe, please contact me.

We enter these places merely as amateur historians, respectable visitors, and travelers to a time before our own. As the saying goes, "take only photographs, leave only footprints." 

I am have a degree in business economics as well as my MBA and live in New Jersey. I love alternative media, reading, epic film, writing, the healthcare industry & the public sector, and embracing the gaming lifestyle. Here is some of my work.

Currently the longest written work of mine and my personal proudest. Kevin is a man who finds himself unemployed in the uncanny world of Deptford County. Enjoy the sites.
Code Junkie

My first short published on Amazon, about a group of friends who revisit an abandoned hospital from their youth.
In the House of Fletcher

The story of a young couple riding a bus to the end of the line and finding themselves trapped in an industrial park.

A man visits the town of his college years, retelling the numerous stories of his friends and their life at a rented house. He is visiting under less-than-ideal circumstances, only to attend a funeral and to find that their old home no longer exists.

A brief glimpse into the potential slipping sanity of a beloved professor tenured at a prestigious university.
Unclear to Me

The story of two brothers dealing with impending loss and the brief journey through bittersweet nostalgia, touching upon the realization of the misplaced and macabre activities they enjoyed in their youth.

A dream-like tale about a society locked out of time and facing the inevitable.
Somewhere Over

The transcript of an audio-drama-like project concerning the crew of a naval vessel and their time in recovery after a tramautic incident out at sea.
The Vents

A brief piece of fantasy world-building revolving around a few strange men and an equally quirky shop.

Some of my personal poetry and love for the world.
let alone breathed

A grab-bag of horror shorts, comedy (if you can call it that), gaming Let's Plays, and more. Pick your poison and bask in your regret.
The Shamlife - Main YouTube Channel

An alternate-reality-game based around the Slenderman mythos, inspired by the web-series MarbleHornets. More content coming, pending the game’s conclusion.
EverymanHYBRID - YouTube Channel
EMH Wiki

Brief, personal vlogs that I hope to embody the former, nostalgic glory of YouTube in its early days as a more-social platform with, as well as nonsense and gaming.
#k-logs - YouTube Channel