Saturday, July 27, 2013

Up in the air

Most of these kinds of posts occur around the New Year. You know the type: new beginnings, new commitments, those sort of things. Well, that's not really the situation in my little realm of existence, at the moment.

As of now, I have two prominent projects in the chamber. We still have the on-going epic that is EverymanHYBRID. This beastie has taken up more than three years now and I have loved every moment of it. Of course, a few instances of stress and other negative feelings have arisen due to its presence, but that is to be expected. With anything that incurs positive results and a profit of any sort (in this case, legitimacy in the sense of creative abilities) there is a negative side to be beheld. Eso es. I love my brothers in arms and those involved in the production. Our relationship is a conversation for another day, however.

This post is about my current life standing. As of the turn of this month, we have renewed our tenure at the so-called #shamhouse for yet another year. Where we shall be in a year's time... who knows. My thoughts and feelings are just concerned that... well, we lasted at least a year. We have dealt with each other for at least twelve months and that means something, to me at least. At the turn of the month, it is officially renewed for another twelve months. And that promises and reveals a sense of trust and love that is seldom heard.

With the release of another Monolith update, I feel the need to separate myself from the discussing of the project only for the sake of my personal accounts. It's such an odd place... to want to, so desperately, want to talk about it in great length, about every one of our updates. But that is a conversation for post-endgame. And as it stands, that is a way off. So my most pressing talking point is my next major project and release.

That is a novel currently named Code Junkie.
At its most simplest and basic form, the story of Code Junkie revolves around an unpleasant man named Kevin who loses his job. That is the simplest and easiest way to describe the story without giving away too much. I wrote it as a fan and enthusiast of the great Lovecraft's mythos and work. Code Junkie had originally begun as another online web series / alternate reality game.

As time went on, however, I wanted to take it in another direction, and a novel was the best method. I personally feel that anyone remotely interested in the Lovecraft / Cthulhu mythos would be a prime candidate for enjoying the story of Kevin and his experiences within the confines of Code Junkie. It is not supposed to be immediately in your face. You will not be reading of great encounters of man and beast within the first few chapters. It simply is. And I hope you cherish it.

I am not one for blatantly plugging online projects, but this is the nature of our medium. I have begun a small Twitter campaign around Code Junkie. If you were interested in joining the conversation, considering tweeting using the hashtag #codejunkie and getting into that whole song and dance. When the time comes, when physical copies of the book exist in our breathing world, I will remember these exchanges and will be sure to make it worthwhile for the early contributors. Believe me, I will be the schmuck who signs copies of his own book on the chance that he finds them when visiting bookstores in the flesh.

Regardless of the of the end-results, I will always strive for the support and continued promotion of a story wanting to be told. So thank you for giving me that much. You have been an incredible audience.